We are so pleased that Brogan has celebrated his 9th birthday, today he shares it with our granddaughter Siobhan who is 10 years old.

We have had 4 birthdays this month August Mollie IWH 15th,1year old. Coco BFDB 17th,13years, Rowan IWH 3 years, and Amelie BFDB who will be 4years 29th.

Mollie is now 5 months old and a delightful baby full of mischieve
Orla has just had her 5th birthday and is still a proper little madam hope to put pics on gallery but still having a problem

congratulations to Mick and Odhra ka Arron won his stud book No at Darlington under judge Lynda Ward new pics of Orla\’s puppies

Happy 2nd birthday to Orla and Brogans pups for the 19th August been busy with Orlas 2nd litter with Ir Ch Prince Finn of Nutstown we have 4 boys and three girls. 2 girls are looking for loving homes

We are celebrating Brogan & his siblings 7th Birthday. His dam was B Sadhbh & sire Admiral of Nutstown at Nightwing, Sorcha as she was known was a daughter of Ch Saringas Mr Micawber.
Also today our youngest grandaughter Siobhan is 8 years old. A birthday photo of Brogan is on his page